Do you know about Elf Yourself?

Elf yourself 2012

Elf yourself 2012

It was very popular some Christmas ago and now it seems like it’s back.

It’s fun to watch your family dancing together, especially when your sister does all the job of putting the faces in there ;)


I am just done listening the wonderful PSYC 110: INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY by Paul Bloom
20 lectures that will tell you everything you need to know about psychology
(here the lectures in a youtube playlist)

Paul Bloom is just great: the lectures are around 1 hour and they are so well made, you will love each one of them.

Heritability vs What a Family eats

In the final lectures he talks about personality disorders and how they are linked to Genetic Heritability.
For sure there are people with sort of predisposition to get depression or bipolar sindrome. But in none of the lectures, even if he was talking about Seratonin and hormons, he mentioned the impact of food into who we are, how we feel, what we think and how we behave.

I have been Paleo since june now, eating 99% of the time meat/fish/eggs + lot of vegetables and not eating sugar/milk/gluten/pasta/pizza/potatoes.

Can the genetic heritability be a false explanation and the real one be the fact that a family eats more or less the same food?

Can the genetic heritability be a false explanation and the real one be the fact that a family eats more or less the same food? It’s not just genetic, problems keep running between family members because of their habits and the food they put on the table and eat everyday. Of course genes are potentially responsable of a higher possibility of the event but take a fat kid from a fat family and send him far away from his house and you will see some magic happens: he will get thinner if he will start to put different/better food on the table.

I understand now how much food impacts my life, not just on the physical side but also on the psychological one.

Paleo makes you look good naked. There is no doubt about it. By following a Paleo diet you will end up looking sexier than you look now. But Paleo solves a lot of health issues, including some minor/major psychological problem you might have, such as depression or bipolar disorder.

Do you have a problem afflicting most of your family members?
You have the power to reverse this. You can choose to be different, you can choose to be a better version of yourself.

You only need to take responsibility, make some research and change


Italian Lessons

The italian language it’s so beautiful, don’t you think it’s time to learn it?

As you know I am “secretly” working on Bliu Bliu – a website that will teach languages to the world. But till we have it in development, we need to rely on the old school methods.

Do you want to learn italian?

Contact me (52@claudiosantori.it) and we will do lot of magical things: personalized lessons based on your interests and knowledge of the language

  • chat / video conference / in person lessons
  • sms / email for more practice
  • suggested material to read and enjoy
  • playing a lot with the language


I dont’ believe in language courses, you have your own specific needs and language lessons should be in the form of conversations tailored on your needs.

My aim is to challenge you just a little so that you can speak italian from the very beginning and feel confident about it!