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Beginner Body Weight Workout

ottobre 24, 2012 by claudio

Today I did for the second time the Beginner Body Weight Workout that I got from NerdFitness (great website, by the way).

It’s not that hard and it takes only 12 minutes + the warm up.
This is how it works. I wrote down the list of exercises, between () I put my personalised version – basically 5 extra pushups and a longer plank.

After the light warm up with the rope, around 200/300 jumps, I start the workout

  • 20 body weight squats
  • 15 pushups (+5)
  • 20 walking lounges
  • 10 + 10 dumbbell rows (here I use the bands, I need to find a 10kg weight)
  • plank (60 seconds instead of 15)
  • 30 jumping jacks
  • drink water
  • repeat 2 more times
My legs hurt after it and it’s hard to climb the stairs, a good sign, it means it’s working on some level. In this video Steve Kamb explains how to do all the moves.

My dumbbell rows are not perfect, I just need to find a good weight to do them.

I will stick with this for a month or two and then try the advanced version. I like body weight exercise cause you can’t cheat.



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