How to learn Spanish in 60 days

I started my Baselang journey in May 2020 and my level went from close to zero to conversational in just 2 months.

I used Duolingo before (useless) and italki (expensive), but only with Baselang I was able to get the momentum necessary to start speaking Spanish.

While apps like Duolingo give you the illusion of learning, in reality they keep you away from the only tool you have to learn a language: speaking with real people.

Italki and similar websites let you speak with teachers and tutors. Not only it can become expensive if you practice several hours everyday, but you have to book with 24h in advance and when you speak with a different teacher they have no idea what you know and what you just did with another teacher/tutor.

Baselang offers:

– Unlimited classes, 7 day/week.
– Competitive price, with monthly subscription.
– Consistency, as every teacher follows the same curriculum and they can read your progress and comments left from other teachers.
– Fun! They have 100s of teachers, you just have to try a lot in the beginning to find the ones you really like so that you can book them all the time.

I spent 5 to 6 hours a day in my first two month in the platform. I can confidently say now that I speak Spanish!

Join here to get the first week for $1 (referral link)

NOTE: They offered me 1 month for free in exchange for this review. I kept it honest, and I have been an active paying customer for the last 6 months.


Hey guys
I started an adventure: 10 days ago I started learning the russian language.
Here two videos, one from day 3 and one form day 10.

After 3 days of learning Russian…

After 10 days of learning Russian…

How am I doing?


Yesterday my friend Reda invited me to a Gong Meditation experience.

You lay down for 1 hour while somebody plays the Gongs (can you play the gong? do you gong the gong?)

It was a tremendous experience. Relaxing to begin with. And I don’t know, I had beautiful unexpected thoughts coming to my mind.
At the end I had this smile in my face. During the meditation I went into places, I met people from the past, I reacted certain situation from the past and ended them differently. I made peace with a lot of people.

Anyway, I loved it and I want to try it again.

This is how it sounds like…but of course it’s like live music, being there is a totally different experience.

Here the website for Gong Meditation in Vilnius


I am listening Latest in Paleo, one of the best podcast out there.
After the bell, Angelo Coppola played this clip:

Neil Gaiman – Inspirational Commencement Speech at the University of the Arts 2012


4:00 distance mountain, my goal
5:00 failure
6:50 do things you love
9:50 Ability to make art – make good art
11:20 do that stuff that only you can do…the one thing that you have that nobody else has…it’s you!
13:14 people get hired because…
14:10 people keep working…because their work is good…easy to get along with…delivered on time…2 out of 3 is fine
18:49 pretend that you are someone you can do it
19:00 be wise
19:30 make interesting mistakes, break rules, leave the world more interesting, make good art



The world we see around it’s built on a story…by Charles Eisenstein

1:30 we are not separate from the universe
2:00 there is not an external universe out there
3:00 we are moving to a different story
3:20 tiny actions
3:56 every act that comes from the understanding of interconnection of inner being is a spiritual act and also a political act
4:06 by acting from a different story we disrupt our mythology and we offer an alternative
4:30 generosity, forgiveness, being in service of something larger than yourself
5:20 let go of paradime of control
6:00 you are here in service

Thank you Angelo for this other wonderful after the bell. And thanks introducing Charles Eisenstein to me.

Got this from Episode 71 of Latest in Paleo