51 weeks are gone, one more and this year will be over.
I wrote a post in January last year, Welcome 2013, with my resolutions for the next 12 months.
How did I do?

Going to sleep early

I cannot believe I used to go to sleep late at night. In one year I managed to change my rhythm quite profoundly and now I rarely go to sleep later than 23:00/24:00.
Amazing how easy this was to change. I enjoy going to sleep early, my social life changed a bit as I don’t really go out in the evening anymore but I enjoy having interesting conversations/walks with my friends early during the day, when the sun is still shining.

Going to sleep early :: checked

Wake up early

I have been waking up every day around 7:00 or 8:00. Most of the time I am up at 7, walking to the office around 8.

wake up early :: checked

Write at 30 minutes every morning

I started writing a book in January and finished it in around a month.
The book is live on Amazon – La Grande Impresa. After the book was published I stopped writing, I also got very busy with Bliu Bliu and running a company but this is not an excuse, I could have kept writing more.

Write at 30 minutes every morning :: partially done

3 big things

I have been very productive this year. The most productive year of my life. I got all the tools in place and I used ToodleDo + Trello + Google Calendar to make sure to work always on the most important things. Not so often in emergency mode, I was able to dedicate my full attention to important task and work on them without any hurry.

3 big things :: checked


2013, the best Paleo year of my life. I did cheat but not very often. I ate gluten and milk less than 7 days this year, I did worst with sugar but still, amazing. Honey is my biggest temptation and in period of stress I eat 200g of honey in a day but life is short :)
With Gluten out of my body I have been enjoying the happiest healthier period of my life. I haven’t being sick, I feel strong and my mood is stable, stable happy.

Paleo :: checked checked checked


I did good. I am walking more than 10km everyday. Some days I walk up to 20km.
I could do better with pushups but what I haven’t done enough is pullups: more pullups for 2014.
I did not run more than 5km, I am so happy about it.

Fitness :: checked, to be improved

Summer 2013 I am planning to look like an underwear model. If Paleo is the diet that makes you look good naked, this is the time to prove it.

Underwear model

Summer 2013 I wanted to look like an underwear model :)
Underwear model :: checked !!!!


Closing time

2013 was a painful year, especially the first two months. Couple of things happened but the past is the past.
The global balance is quite positive: I had an amazing 2013 and so many things changed in my life.

2014, I am ready. See you in a week for my new year resolutions


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