How to plan a wedding

Planning an Event: Wedding Case Study

My wife and I used technology exensively to plan for our wedding. 

Imagine the wedding

First we used Pinterest to agree on how we both visually saw the wedding

  • Dresscode
  • What kind of location
  • Before the ceremony
  • Flowers
  • The ceremony
  • Photo shooting
  • Aperitivo
  • Dinner
  • The party

We created specific Pinterest boards and collected as many beautiful pictures as we could find. It was easy to align on our vision, and communicate the vision both to the wedding planner for the execution

Finding a wedding planner

We asked our friends if they knew any wedding planner. We got around 10 names, and we did our research until we picked one near Modena. We wanted a destination wedding, and we wanted someone to take care of all the details.

Define the Timeline – what is happening

We use a Google Doc to draft an initial timeline. We defined what was to happen, at what time, and what we needed to make it happen. We made sure to role play every single guest on our timeline, to make sure they would enjoy the event, had enough drinks, food, time to rest, time to dance. 

Role Play the guests

We added pictures to describe every moment, we knew what time the sunset was going to be and added a group picture in there. The photographer, dj, live band, wedding planners, everybody working on the wedding knew what was going to happen, so the day of the wedding we just had to relax and enjoy the sow. 

Since our wedding was in Italy and we live in New York, we used google maps to study the location, plan how to move the guests around the different experiences (from the ceremony, we moved to the garden where we had food and drinks, at sunset we took a group picture and then moved upstairs for dinner. After dinner we moved back to the garden for a live concert, and then came back inside the villa for the party, after the team transformed the location and started serving sweets with a live dj set)

Photos and Videos

We shared a special board with the photographers to show them what kind of photos we liked. We spent one hour on the phone before the wedding to agree on the style, and the must photos we wanted them to take. We also had a selection with special shoots we wanted. For the team taking photos and videos, it was so easy to follow our guidelines and we had nothing to worry during the wedding. 


We created before hand playlist for the ceremony, the aperitivo, the dinner and the party. 

Our DJ (that we never met before) had an easy time selecting the songs. In fact we had a very international crowd, and nobody knew them better than we do, so we picked music we knew all would enjoy through out the entire event.


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