I have to admit, I am obsessed! I go crazy when it comes to unplug any device that is charging.

Simone, my roommate when I was living in Finland, became so afraid of unplugging my Mac. And  now also his wife is afraid…cause he is spreading the terror!

I always terrify my girlfriend when she unplugs it, mostly by accident. How can I cure myself?

I believe that any time I unplug a device, not fully charged, the battery dies just a little bit.

This morning I stayed home an extra hour just because my phone wasn’t fully charged and I waited I waited I waited until I saw 100% on the screen.

Am I wrong? am I right? Tell me I am not alone in this, tell me there are other people sick as I am. And please tell me how to cure my obsession and how to stop wasting my life worrying about my batteries.

Fuck the batteries!

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