Let’s define what learning a language is:

  1. Write perfectly
  2. Learn the grammar
  3. Speak perfectly
  4. Being able to understand and communicate with people

I love the last 4th definition, to understand and communicate with people, and this is why I learn languages. To understand other people, and comunicate using the foreign language, even with making mistakes, but good enough for them to understand and not switch to English….

Learn a few basic phrases, I learn to pronounce them well enough

  • Hey
  • How are you
  • Would you like to dance with me
  • I want this / that

Find online tutors to talk to

  • iTalki is a great place for all languages
  • BaseLang is great for spanish
  • Book 20/25 min lessons with different teachers during the day.
  • I don’t like to speak just with one, or to do longer 1h lessons. 30 min is plenty, in the beginning.
  • Repeat the same 30 min lesson for 4 times during the same day, and you will feel like a rock start at the end

What to learn

  • Don’t focus on being polite
  • I want this / that
  • I want to + infinite
  • I have to + infinite (learn grammar structure where you don’t have to conjugate the verbs)
  • Yesterday / later / naturally

Which Content to consume

  • RadioGarden to listen radios from everywhere in the world
  • Commercials are the best, they are micro stories, with dialogues, easy to understand
  • Get free samples of audiobooks and kindle books on Amazon
  • Movies, using subtitles

Most of all, make it like a game, enjoy, and don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

RESOURCES to learn Spanish

Home Work

  • Add all words from lesson to Anki
  • Prepare three of expressions
    • Starting 
    • Adverbs
    • closing…





  • Nosotros los nobles (Majo)
  • Contratiempo (Laura)
  • La casa de papel (Javi) – too complicated
  • la reina del miedo (Sharon)
  • La que se avecina (Ksie) – friends en espanol
  • Elite Netflix
  • COCO (Laura)
  • La plataforma (Majo + Laura) hoyo
    • El hoyo (discuter con Javi)
  • Bety la fea (Netflix) (Majo)
  • Distreto Salbaje (Laura)
  • Mientras duermes
  • The Joneses. ¿Consumo desmedido o marketing?   (Laura)
  • No se aceptan devoluciones  (Laura)
  • Colombian BreakingBad (Laura) Metastasis
  • Pizarra Animada (white board)
  • el estudiante
  • sueno en otro idioma
  • todo sobre mi madre
  • bajo la tormenta
  • perdida


  • El Tunel (Laura)
  • El ensayo sobre la ceguera  (Laura)
  • Los ojos del perro siberiano  (Laura)


  • Saying good bye
  • Asking how somebody is doing
  • Asking more questions about a topic


  • Morat  (Laura)
  • Ventino  (Laura)
  • Juanes  (Laura)
  • Luis Guerra (BaseLang)
    • Kitipun
    • Ojala que lleve cafe

Me practicing Lithuanian with my friend Muezz