Myanmar Diary

Some notes I took during my trip in Myanmar in 2018.

Day 1

Indian vegetarian restaurant

Tanaka (the cream they use to protect their skin from the sun)

Longi (the pants/skit all men wear)

Day 2

Good bye Liya – my wife continued the trip with her friends

Mandalay hill (I took the taxi from hotel to go to the top – 8000)

Squat  / everybody is “sitting down” and relaxing in a natural squat position

Walk on the way down from the hill. Beautiful

Chan BM (Met this amazing local guy who wanted to practice English, and took me on a tour around the city with his scooter)

Royal palace

Ky mmiù. Taxi driver

Golden Buddha

Airport, I am going to Thandwe / Ngapali

Reflexology airport



Day 3


Breakfast rice

Boat tour $35. The most incredible corals I have ever seen.

Became friend with the captain – his wife is expecting. He makes $150/month.

Myanmar day 4

Guapa fruit – Malagadi

Talking with a local (Yuyu)

  • Di you know how many people in bagan?
  • In Myanmar ?
  • What do you know?  I know eating I know sleeping

Drive to popa

Driver knows Obama president.  California. And Totti. That’s it

Learning the language


Kaunde good

Makaunvu not good

Dine nikaunla how are you today

Veduam mlu le? Where are you going

Chai de (i like this )

Chai de Kaumale (I like this lady)

Min chaj la (do you like this lady

Mingu Che de (I love you )

Mt popa 9 min climbing

So so on top

Beautiful on the way

Monkeys. And human

Using monkey to

Money to clean steps

Money to give them food


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