Why I love New York so much

cs 20170904 Why I love New York

I have been living in New York for 6 months now and I simply love it.

New York is simply the most beautiful city in the world. Her history, full of different cuiltrues and civilizations living under the same roof.

Center of so many important decisions for US, the first capital, the center of Finance, a place for freedom and artistic views.

Crazy buildings, everything huge, but also so intimate and unique.

Fast, efficient.

The people of New York are also unique, as the city itself. They are driven, they want to make things happen.

You can see the energy in their eyes. They are going to change the world. Some won’t make it but some are actually changing it.

Everybody has a certain level of confidence that is rather attracting. They have been fighting hard to be where they are, in New York, and you can feel that they know they are survival. And they know they can survive to you. Dating in New York has been interesting, I haven’t seen this level of openness and confidence anywhere else.

At the same time you know you have so much variety and opportunities that committing is harder. Why would you have to deal with anybody’s shit when you have your own shit and the next easy first date is just one swipe away.

New York is still magical. You can tell a tourist from far away, but just because they look up all the time. New Yorkers they look around. I live close to Times Square but you won’t find any New Yorker there, they are all in Bryant Park enjoying a beautiful summer sunny day laying on the grass.

My friends ask me often “how is New York?”

For me it’s the same as asking “what’s the weather in Europe today?”

Depends. There is everything in this city and she can be anything you want her to be.

And some wants to focus on how dirty it is, how unpolite people are, how it;s too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. The traffic, the people, the tourists.

It all depends with the filters you put on when you look at it. I just arrived, and people tell me to wait and see what I will think after a while.

But I know this is a very inspiring city and good reasons not to live here could be

  • rent is expensive, because it is
  • having a family and wanting to raise children somewhere else (but why?)

Life is beautiful. I am grateful I got this opportunity to spend these months in NYC. It has been such an enriching experience and I hope I get to live this longer.


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