Yesterday my friend Reda invited me to a Gong Meditation experience.

You lay down for 1 hour while somebody plays the Gongs (can you play the gong? do you gong the gong?)

It was a tremendous experience. Relaxing to begin with. And I don’t know, I had beautiful unexpected thoughts coming to my mind.
At the end I had this smile in my face. During the meditation I went into places, I met people from the past, I reacted certain situation from the past and ended them differently. I made peace with a lot of people.

Anyway, I loved it and I want to try it again.

This is how it sounds like…but of course it’s like live music, being there is a totally different experience.


Here the website for Gong Meditation in Vilnius


I am listening Latest in Paleo, one of the best podcast out there.
After the bell, Angelo Coppola played this clip:

Neil Gaiman – Inspirational Commencement Speech at the University of the Arts 2012


4:00 distance mountain, my goal
5:00 failure
6:50 do things you love
9:50 Ability to make art – make good art
11:20 do that stuff that only you can do…the one thing that you have that nobody else has…it’s you!
13:14 people get hired because…
14:10 people keep working…because their work is good…easy to get along with…delivered on time…2 out of 3 is fine
18:49 pretend that you are someone you can do it
19:00 be wise
19:30 make interesting mistakes, break rules, leave the world more interesting, make good art



The world we see around it’s built on a story…by Charles Eisenstein

1:30 we are not separate from the universe
2:00 there is not an external universe out there
3:00 we are moving to a different story
3:20 tiny actions
3:56 every act that comes from the understanding of interconnection of inner being is a spiritual act and also a political act
4:06 by acting from a different story we disrupt our mythology and we offer an alternative
4:30 generosity, forgiveness, being in service of something larger than yourself
5:20 let go of paradime of control
6:00 you are here in service

Thank you Angelo for this other wonderful after the bell. And thanks introducing Charles Eisenstein to me.

Got this from Episode 71 of Latest in Paleo


Lindy Hop people, I am back!



51 weeks are gone, one more and this year will be over.
I wrote a post in January last year, Welcome 2013, with my resolutions for the next 12 months.
How did I do?

Going to sleep early

I cannot believe I used to go to sleep late at night. In one year I managed to change my rhythm quite profoundly and now I rarely go to sleep later than 23:00/24:00.
Amazing how easy this was to change. I enjoy going to sleep early, my social life changed a bit as I don’t really go out in the evening anymore but I enjoy having interesting conversations/walks with my friends early during the day, when the sun is still shining.

Going to sleep early :: checked

Wake up early

I have been waking up every day around 7:00 or 8:00. Most of the time I am up at 7, walking to the office around 8.

wake up early :: checked

Write at 30 minutes every morning

I started writing a book in January and finished it in around a month.
The book is live on Amazon – La Grande Impresa. After the book was published I stopped writing, I also got very busy with Bliu Bliu and running a company but this is not an excuse, I could have kept writing more.

Write at 30 minutes every morning :: partially done

3 big things

I have been very productive this year. The most productive year of my life. I got all the tools in place and I used ToodleDo + Trello + Google Calendar to make sure to work always on the most important things. Not so often in emergency mode, I was able to dedicate my full attention to important task and work on them without any hurry.

3 big things :: checked


2013, the best Paleo year of my life. I did cheat but not very often. I ate gluten and milk less than 7 days this year, I did worst with sugar but still, amazing. Honey is my biggest temptation and in period of stress I eat 200g of honey in a day but life is short :)
With Gluten out of my body I have been enjoying the happiest healthier period of my life. I haven’t being sick, I feel strong and my mood is stable, stable happy.

Paleo :: checked checked checked


I did good. I am walking more than 10km everyday. Some days I walk up to 20km.
I could do better with pushups but what I haven’t done enough is pullups: more pullups for 2014.
I did not run more than 5km, I am so happy about it.

Fitness :: checked, to be improved

Summer 2013 I am planning to look like an underwear model. If Paleo is the diet that makes you look good naked, this is the time to prove it.

Underwear model

Summer 2013 I wanted to look like an underwear model :)
Underwear model :: checked !!!!


Closing time

2013 was a painful year, especially the first two months. Couple of things happened but the past is the past.
The global balance is quite positive: I had an amazing 2013 and so many things changed in my life.

2014, I am ready. See you in a week for my new year resolutions


Life is happening so fast
So many things to tell you that I don’t know where to start from.
Last month (October 26th) I turned 36. Few days ago the Wall Street Journal posted my interview and a review about Bliu Bliu.
Here is the video, 30 seconds pitch (improvised…you can tell)

The day after I slept in London’s airport. I had a sleeping bag, placed TechCrunch Disrupt booklet under my back and wrapped myself with couple extra t-shirts. It was fun.
2013-10-29 23.47.53

Two days ago we got invitation in Dublin at Google HQ: it seems like Google loves us and they want to do few things together.




I heard this is a nice talk. Get inspired


Happy sprandine day Claudio!

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And there you go, it’s October once again, 25th, and in a few hours I will turn 36. 36 years old.

Time goes fast but the last years, so far, have been the best of my life. Nothing to regret, nothing I want to complain about.
I miss a lot of friends, some of them because I moved abroad…and then moved again, some others are just not here anymore.
Friends – and family – are deep parts of your life. But sometimes you need to be ready to let go. You need to be brave enough and have faith: things will work out, eventually.

Life is constantly evolving, changing in such a mysterious and beautiful way. It fascinate me, every damn time, how we are able to change.The first step is the hardest one, we you need to see your limitations, admit they exist, confront them, sit down with your fears, your weak spots.

Finland was deep, a deep experience. It changes me so much that at the end I don’t think I was the same person anymore.
But I could not expect Lithuania to change me even more, and in way less time. I am surprised because I read somewhere how hard is to change when you get older, if you don’t change before you get to 30 no chances to do it after. Well, apparently it doesn’t work like that. I am far away from my 20s and I travel at the speed of light.

I’ll be 36 in few hours, I have been living in Lithuania almost 2 years and I think I know where I am going.
Happy birthday Claudio. We made lots of mistakes so far but come on…the journey has been legend….wait for it…